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Massage Therapy

About Mobile Services

Scheduling Your Massage

Most people can benefit from massage therapy, however there are certain medical conditions that require special precautions or rule out massage all together. Your health and safety are very important to me. When you call to schedule your first appointment, you will be asked a few basic questions regarding your health status, medications etc. These questions help to determine what type of massage therapy is appropriate for you. Depending on your current health condition, I may ask for a release from a physician. 

Preparing for Your Appointment

Please be ready five or ten minutes before your appointment time so we may go over intake paperwork and discuss the goals of your session that day. I will require approximately 6' x 8' space to set up massage table.  It is best not to eat or drink a great deal before a massage. It is appropriate to shower prior to my arrival, but it is best not to shave within a few hours before your massage. Please remember that if at any time during your session you are uncomfortable, be sure to speak up so adjustments can be made to make you more comfortable.