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Massage Therapy

About Mobile Services

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Scheduling Your Massage
Most people can benefit from massage therapy, however there are certain medical conditions that require special precautions or rule out massage all together. Your health and safety are very important to me. When you call to schedule your first appointment, you will be asked a few basic questions regarding your health status, medications etc. Please be honest when answering health questions. These questions help to determine what type of massage therapy is appropriate for you. Depending on your current health condition, I may ask for a release from a physician. 

Preparing for Your Appointment

  • Be ready approximately ten minutes before your appointment time so we may go over intake paperwork and discuss the goals of your session that day.
  • I will require approximately 6' x 8' space to set up massage table. Placement is up to you and your preferences for comfort and relaxation. 
  • Pets; I love animals of all kinds and I am comfortable working with them in the room. You know your pets' personalities best and I will defer to you as to whether your pet needs to be somewhere else during your treatment.  
  • It is best to stay well hydrated and nourished, but not to eat or drink a great deal just before a massage. Nothing comfortable about laying on a full stomach.
  • It is appropriate to shower prior to my arrival, but it is best not to shave within a few hours before your massage. This is simply to prevent skin irritation. 
  • Let me know if you require assistance to get on or off the table. 
  • Regarding clothing, please remain dressed until I instruct you about disrobing.
  • I will excuse myself to wash my hands to allow you privacy while you undress and dress and while you get situated on the table. You may undress to your comfort level, whether that is fully clothed or unclothed.
  • During treatment, I will uncover and re-cover the areas I am working on and never expose private areas. I will always respect your personal boundaries.  

During Your Appointment

I will check in regarding comfort level and pressure. You may move around as needed during the session and I will let you know if I need you to move a specific way. Please remember that if at any time during your session you are uncomfortable, be sure to speak up so adjustments can be made to make you more comfortable. A little discomfort (ie. tight spots, sore muscles, etc.) may be expected. However, pain is your body's way of letting you know something is not right. Every person has different needs, therefore it is very important to communicate so we may utilize techniques that work best for you and avoid options that cause more problems for your conditions.