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COVID-19 Social Distancing Statement:

As everyone knows we are in uncharted territory with the current pandemic situation. Obviously, social distancing is not an option in the massage therapy setting. My love and healing energy is going to those who need it the most. If you have any illnesses or risk factors that make you more vulnerable to this new virus, please continue to shelter safely at home. If there is any way I can assist, please feel free to call or text anytime. I will respond at the  earliest possible moment. 

I miss all of you! I look forward to working with everyone soon. Thankfully I've remained healthy through this crisis. Our state is currently opening businesses that were previously shut down. At this time I am open to working with people who are healthy and well. If you feel comfortable having a massage, I am ready to schedule house-calls. Please contact me to schedule appointments or to purchase gift cards for future use. 

I have always used proper sanitation procedures and have done what I can to reduce risks, but there is no way to guarantee you or I will never get sick. Although I will give as much notice as possible, I will reschedule or cancel appointments if I suspect I may be sick. The same courtesy is appreciated from you. I understand that things come up and life happens. Please let me know if you have any symptoms of illness or if you know you have been exposed to an illness so I may determine if massage is safe for both of us that day. If not, we can reschedule your appointment. 

Updated: 10/01/2020